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Bowers Distribution Transformers

distribution transformers

Bowers Electricals is one of few remaining British companies still producing distribution transformers in the UK and our name is trusted across the world.

Our standard distribution transformer range is usually available from 315kVA to 2500kVA, with a typical 11000V input to 433V no-load output, but any size and voltage range can be catered for, up to 20MVA at 33kV.

To keep lead times to a minimum, we manufacture standard distribution transformers for stock as well as to clients’ specific requirements – always to BSEN60076.

Bowers distribution transformers are designed with the HV and LV flanges to BS2562 with facings suitable for the accommodation of both HV and LV switchgear.

Bowers distribution transformers are available in all cooling arrangements, from conventional mineral oil to the natural and synthetic esters, e.g. FR3 and Midel – often used in high-risk transformer applications.

bowers distribution transformer Standard range Bowers transformer dimensions:

315kVA – Copper                     315kVA – Aluminium

500kVA – Copper                   500kVA – Aluminium

800kVA – Copper                   800kVA – Aluminium

1000kVA – Copper                1000kVA – Aluminium

1250kVA-Copper                   1250kVA – Aluminium

1500kVA – Copper                 1500kVA – Aluminium

1600kVA – Copper                 1600kVA- Aluminium

2000kVA-Copper                  2000kVA – Aluminium

2500kVA-Copper                  2500kVA- Aluminium


Unsure of how to dispose of your existing transformer? – have a look at Bowers Buy Back Scheme


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