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Download:Pile of Bowers Electricals Company Brochures, which you can download on this page.

Here you’ll find PDFs downloads of all of Bowers Brochures and Company Papers ready to download and keep a digital copy.


Full Bowers Company Brochure

Transformers Brochure

Motors & Rewinds Brochure

Bowers Intellivolt ‘Smart’ Transformer

Low Loss Transformers “Tier 2 EcoDesign Regulation”

Operations & Manuals:

Cast Resin Manual

Cast Resin & Earthing Manual

Distribution Transformer

Hermetically Sealed Transformer

Certifications & Memberships:

ISO9001 2008 Certificate

East Midlands Chamber Membership

AEMT Membership

Transformer Dimensions:

315kVA – Aluminium

500kVA – Aluminium

800kVA – Aluminium

1000kVA – Aluminium

1250kVA – Aluminium

1500kVA – Aluminium

2000kVA – Aluminium

2500kVA- Aluminium

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