Bowers Energy Saving Transformer (B.E.S.T)

Bowers Energy Saving Transformer (B.E.S.T.)

The Bowers Energy Saving Transformer (B.E.S.T.) is an alternative to conventional distribution transformers, utilising amorphous core technology.

It increases energy efficiency efforts by saving on energy losses and reducing CO2 waste. Whilst also decreasing total ownership costs over the 25-30 years in service.

With the introduction of the UK Government’s Net Zero goals and the global efforts to improve energy efficiency businesses are turning to more eco-friendly practices.

The 2021 Tier 2 EU Ecodesign Regulation 548/2014 tightens the requirements for load losses on energy-related products. It is in place to improve energy efficiency, environmental compatibility, and reduce CO2 emissions.

The Bowers Energy Saving Transformer losses are far lower than the Tier 2 regulations require.

Compared to a pre-2015 Eco regulation of the same rating, the B.E.S.T allows you to save up to 55% on energy losses and total ownership costs, and reduces CO² waste.

We can achieve these reduced losses by using an Amorphous Core. This would be instead of our standard distribution transformers which use Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Steel (CRGO) cores. The Amorphous material has different properties to CRGO such as atomic structure, electrical resistance, and sheet thickness. These factors impact the transformer losses which are reduced massively when using an Amorphous Core.

Work out your B.E.S.T. savings.

Our saving calculator allows you to work out the potential you’ll save on transformer losses, CO2 and running costs per year.

The Bowers Energy Saving Transformer (B.E.S.T.) allows you to create potential savings of up to 55% annually.

As part of reducing the environmental footprint of the supply chain further we are offering Carbon Mitigated Delivery.

If you need Bowers to deliver your B.E.S.T unit, we will offset the carbon through tree planting initiatives.

A hiab delivering a Bowers Energy Saving Transformer produces roughly 30kg of CO2 per 20 miles driven. Over 20 years the average tree absorbs 10kg of CO2 per year (totalling approximately 200kg of CO2). The map shows roughly a guide of how many trees will get planted based on the delivery distance from our HQ in Heanor, Derbyshire.

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