5 Reasons you should upgrade your transformer

Why should you upgrade your transformer?

Transformers are used across a wide range of industries – they power our businesses, hospitals, and homes. Transformers step-up or step-down the current and voltage levels in a circuit while maintaining the overall power. No power system can function effectively without transformers; therefore, they must be in full working order.

Here are some reasons why you should upgrade your transformer and how it could be beneficial to your business.

upgrade your transformer to a tier 2 or better to increase energy efficiency


Older transformers can suffer from loose connections, degraded insulation and oil. This can lead to excessive harmonics, power quality problems, and cooling issues.


Older transformers are more liable to sudden breakdowns. If your transformer fails, everything within your business grinds to a halt. There’s a scramble to order, design, manufacture, and install your new transformer. If your transformer is down you’ll face interferences in how you can do business. Often, investing in these kinds of upgrades will pay off in increased productivity when your electrical network is stable.


Older transformers are more prone to needing oil changes, and an increased risk of component failure and leaking due to ageing gaskets. If you are proactive in the maintenance of your transformer you can catch problems before they become major problems.


If your building has an old transformer, you should upgrade your transformer to a newer model to improve energy-efficient measures. Upgrading a pre-2015 transformer to a new 2021 Tier 2 transformer will achieve significant savings in load losses. Generally, the older the date of manufacture the greater the potential savings you can expect. Improving energy efficiency, and environmental compatibility and reducing CO2 emissions with the new Tier 2 transformers will help decrease the environmental footprint of your company.


Upgrading your electrical system can help to make it more efficient. In turn, this could help you save costs on your energy bills. Our Low Loss Transformer information leaflet goes into more detail about how much saving you can make per annum when upgrading to a new Tier 2 transformer. You can find this leaflet here.


If there are financial constraints, you could think about remanufacturing your transformer or purchasing a refurbished transformer over buying a new one. However, if your transformer is over 30 years old, in the long term it will pay you to upgrade your transformer. This is something our engineers can advise you on.

If you want to upgrade your transformer you can contact us at enquiries@bowerselec.co.uk or phone us at 01773 531531.

Bowers is a family-owned business that supplies distribution, power and cast resin transformers, and motors. We also offer maintenance contracts and rewinding. Bowers pride itself on offering excellent customer service while being noted for the ability and flexibility to provide bespoke engineering solutions for each client. We provide solutions for everything from small industrial developments to major infrastructure schemes. Our clients include large-scale power stations, government buildings, hospitals, schools and universities, wind and solar farms and throughout the heavy power engineering industry.

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5 reasons to upgrade your transformer

Posted on: 28.06.2021
Posted in: Transformers
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