Transformer Cores: Amorphous vs CRGO

With the introduction of the Bowers Energy Saving Transformer (BEST), our new Amorphous Core Transformer, we are comparing the transformer cores with the Standard CRGO Core. Traditionally distribution transformers were made with Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Steel (CRGO). This is due to its exceptionally high mechanical elasticity and magnetic properties in the rolling direction. As a result, CRGO transformers have reduced eddy current losses and increased corrosion resistance over previous-grade steels.

With the introduction of the UK Government’s Net Zero goals and the global efforts to improve energy efficiency businesses are starting to turn to more environmentally friendly practices. Adapting the Amorphous metal as transformer cores instead of CRGO can further reduce the losses produced by transformers.

Below is a table of Amorphous vs CRGO materials:

Transformer Cores: CRGO vs Amorphous

Advantages of Amorphous Core Transformers over Transformers with CRGO Silicon Steel:

  1. Low Eddy Current Losses. The thickness of Amorphous Metal is 0.025mm which results in lower eddy current loss.
  2. Less No-Load losses. Due to the random atom structure of the amorphous metal, friction is reduced when a magnetic field is applied compared to CRGO. This allows easy magnetization and demagnetization which significantly lowers hysteresis losses, thus amorphous core significantly reduces core losses which is about 65-75%.
  3. Environmental Benefits. Due to the energy savings, there are significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions of CO2 and SO2
  4. Reduced Aging of Transformer Insulation. Lower temperature rise, slower deterioration of insulations and hence longer life.
  5. Decreased Total Ownership Cost. Although initial investment will be higher, the total ownership cost over the transformer’s average lifespan of 25-30 years will be significantly lower than that of CRGO Transformers. This is based on operational and maintenance costs.

The new Bowers Energy Saving Transformer utilises the development of Amorphous Cores to produce lower losses.

amorphous core transformers

Posted on: 14.10.2022
Posted in: Transformers
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