A Cast Resin Transformer for Drax Power Station

cast resin transformer being lifted into position

Bowers Electricals was contacted by Drax Group in April this year to replace one of their transformers.

Their existing transformer had deteriorated with age and was overheating, causing the transformer protection to trip the circuit breaker. We supplied a 2000kVA Cast Resin Transformer to Selby Power Station.


  • 2000kVA
  • 3300/433V
  • Dyn 11
  • 3 phases
  • 50Hz
  • IP00
  • 6% impedance
  • AN
  • Tier 1
Drax Group operates the largest power station in the UK, based near Selby, North Yorkshire, and generates 12% of the country’s renewable electricity. The energy firm converted its power station from using coal to generating renewable power with sustainable biomass, making Drax Power Station the single biggest renewable generator in the UK and the largest decarbonisation project in Europe.

We (Drax Group) recently purchased a 2000kVA transformer from Bowers. The process from start to finish was handled professionally and promptly. The transformer was carried out to a high standard, complying with the engineering drawings provided making the replacement achievable.

Josh Lynas
Drax Group

As part of the full Bowers Electricals Ltd service, we offer witness testing to all our clients where they can see the stringent testing that the transformers go through before we deliver them.

“Bowers was accommodating and flexible in providing Factory Acceptance Testing offered either virtually or in person, this was beneficial, giving an insight into the facilities at Bowers and witnessing key electrical tests before providing delivery to suit our business requirements.”

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