Bowers Electricals put their latest investment to use

Our Motor and Rewinds department has purchased an iTIG III C12 static motor tester and winding analyzer. This latest investment is the most advanced tester in the industry.

Bowers Electricals started as purely a motor rewinds company and then moved into the supply and manufacture of new transformers. However, the original motor rewinds division remains to be considered one of the leading electrical repair and service companies. Our vast range of onsite facilities and stocks allows reduced downtime and flexibility to cover our client’s requirements on a 24-hour basis.

The picture demonstrates a 1700kVA Alternator being statically tested to prove the windings are in good condition, further, to Bowers Electrical carrying out a full overhaul for our client.

For customers who would find it difficult to bring their equipment to our works the iTIG III is easily transportable and versatile enough that we can take it to our client sites.

The procurement of this latest investment, the iTIG III demonstrates our continued investment in all areas of the company even during these uncertain times. The tester and analyzer feature over 20 high and low-voltage tests including high-frequency surge and partial discharge. The tester and analyzer also feature built-in PDF software enabling reports to be directly generated for customers.


The latest investment for the motors department, an iTIG III C12 static motor tester.

Posted on: 04.08.2020
Posted in: Motors
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