Happy World Environment Day 2021!

Happy world environment day 2021

Happy World Environment Day 2021!

Everything we do relies on the electrical grid, from powering our homes, and hospitals to running our offices and factories. With the growth of digitalisation and electric vehicles, the electricity demand is higher than ever.

The widespread, and mass need for electricity means that transformers are everywhere. Transformers are an essential part of the electrical grid taking thousands of volts and converting them to secondary voltages of much smaller amounts, so they can be safely delivered to homes and businesses all over the world. Bowers have been producing transformers since 1947 but now more than ever the need for better energy efficiency is prevalent.

World Environment Day gives us a chance to reflect on how businesses can minimise their impacts on the planet.

As well as our everyday practices that help reduce Bowers’s environmental footprint, we offer transformers that reduce losses which help to improve the amount of energy wasted.

The New Tier 2 Directive

The EU Eco Design regulation for transformer losses Tier 2 will take effect from 1st July 2021. Replacing Tier 1, the new specifications for transformer losses aspire to reduce energy waste by 10%.

Save the equivalent of the electricity consumed in a country the size of Denmark over 3 years!

Bowers Tier 2 transformers reduce both carbon emissions and energy waste, throughout a unit’s typical 25-year lifespan. They offer significantly reduced no-load losses against pre-2015 CRGO units. Not only do they offer marked reductions in both carbon emissions and energy waste by 10399w per annum*, but they also benefit you financially with savings of up to £9,000 per annum*. As a critical component of electrical infrastructure, strategic changes to transformer design can minimize electricity losses and reduce the environmental impact of the power grid.

*When comparing the running costs and kWh of our Tier 2 transformer to a 1970-2015 standard, CRGO transformer.

tier 2 distribution transformer

Bowers Intellivolt “Smart” Transformers

The Bowers Intellivolt® is the only voltage regulating distribution transformer (VRDT) that utilises the fourth-generation solid state voltage optimisation technology. The Bowers Intellivolt® incorporates Intelligent Real-Time energy monitoring technology – a sophisticated application which enables users to pinpoint energy savings remotely, accurately and in real-time.

This technology, combined with a Bowers Electricals low-loss energy-saving transformer, not only offers maximum energy savings but also reduces losses, installation costs, cabling, and maintenance issues.

intellivolt transformer

We are constantly evolving our practices to ensure that we are being as environmentally friendly as possible. This is something we are always working towards.

For information on what products could be most financially and environmentally beneficial for your business by contacting our sales team.

Information on World Environment Day can be found here: https://www.worldenvironmentday.global

Posted on: 02.06.2021
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