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Llancayo Solar Farm 5MW, 11kV Grid Connection

For this project, the end client had an urgent requirement to deliver a large scale project (5MW) in a very short space of time. Bowers supplied 4 off 1250KVA 415/11500v at no load, 3ph/ 50hz ONAN Dyn11 Copper Windings, Eco Design Dyn11 Transformers and 11000/3/50 switchboard comprising of 4 CE2-T2 200ampVIP300 protected circuit breakers and 1 off 630amp busbar end cable box.

The UK government had given notification of a reduction of the Feed-In Tariffs (FIT) for Photovoltaic systems above 50kW during the Fast Track review. The client had an issue sourcing an experienced EPC contractor that would commit to finishing the project before the required deadlines.
Smarter Energy Solutions (SES) were sought to provide EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) roles for the project. As a sub-contractor, Bowers Electricals conducted an initial site visit and consequently followed with employing SES fast track project evaluation and reporting techniques. This would enable the client to not only feel comfortable the project would be delivered but that it would be constructed in a way that would maximise output, re-use materials where possible and be sympathetic to surroundings and local heritage.
Just as well this was undertaken as one notable constraint on the project was that a suspected Roman Temple was buried under a large portion of the project site; this was later confirmed during the build. Liaising with the local archaeologists of Monmouth council was a key part of the project. This was to ensure that the temple would remain preserved, the location recorded before it was recovered and the installation continue without impact to the history beneath everyone’s feet.

Bowers Electricals were employed not only to provide the equipment but also install all the transformers, switchgear and associated HV Cabling and earthing arrangements. Several weeks work on site, supported by the Heanor facility and its staff were conducted without incident. Despite all the delays associated with the historical excavation the project was completed on time and met the required deadlines required of the end customer.