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Covid-19 Statement

Following World Health Authority (WHO) announcements and UK Government instructions relating to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic we would like to assure you that Bowers Electricals Ltd are still operating and are following strict processes to safeguard both our employees and customers. Our decision to continue to operate is based on the nature of our business; providing support to the UK utilities industry, and we will continue to review our position on a regular basis.

Our primary concern is for the safety and welfare of our employees, customers and stakeholders. Our response has been to implement safety guidelines for all employees and visitors. In line with Government guidance those who can work from home will be doing so and those who are still working on site are following the latest safety requirements.


  • Employees and visitors are required to remain at home if they are feeling ill or have symptoms of Covid-19 and isolate as per UK Government guidance.
  • Employees have been requested to disclose and self-quarantine if they have been in direct contact with anyone confirmed to have contracted the COVID-19 virus or have recently travelled to a high-risk area as determined by the WHO.
  • Where significant risk to the health of employees exists following screening due to underlying conditions or new ill health, they will be sent home to isolate (as per UK Government guidelines)


We have implemented the following measures to ensure that our operational facility can continue. These include:

  • Initial and Daily screening of all employees to ascertain general health before work commences.
  • Soap and hand sanitisers are available in all areas of our premises for daily use. All employees have been instructed in effective and regular hand washing.
  • All areas are being cleaned frequently including additional sanitising of door handles, hand rails, light switches and controls, desk spaces, keyboards, screens and mouse controls, kitchen work areas, equipment and W/C Facilities.
  • Social distancing of 2 metres between personnel is a requirement throughout the works facility.
  • Working From Home where possible, to minimise the number of staff within the facility at any time.
  • Restrictions on Client and supplier visits to site to prevent cross contamination.
  • Virtual meetings between staff and management and with our customers rather than attend sites.
  • Site engineers are instructed to wear appropriate PPE – including gloves and face masks where required.
  • All employees will observe a 2 metre distance between themselves and others around them and will travel to customer sites in separate vehicles.
  • Employees have been instructed not to shake hands with anyone.

We would like to thank you for your continued support; if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

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