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Amorphous core transformers tier 1 & tier 2

Bowers have introduced two new amorphous core ranges. The Bowers BEST T1 and Bowers BEST T2 amorphous transformers are both now available.
Amorphous transformers have been around since the 1980s and offer significantly reduced no-load losses compared to conventional laminated silicon steel units.

The Bowers BEST T1 and Bowers BEST T2 amorphous transformers Bowers BEST T1 Amorphous Transformer

Bowers relaunch their super low loss BEST Range of transformers.  The BEST T1 is an amorphous core transformer available at substantially lower losses than the standard CRGO Tier 1 transformer. The BEST T1 is a similar price range to the standard transformer range and provides substantial energy savings to the end customer.

Bowers BEST T2 Amorphous Transformer

Our BEST T2 Amorphous Transformer range provides one of The lowest loss amorphous transformer currently available on the UK market. The transformers are not only compliant with the future Tier 2 Eco Design directive (2021) but actually offer losses which are substantially less. Over the course of a units average 25-year lifespan savings can total up to £10,000 per annum when comparing the running costs of a Bowers BEST T2 Amorphous to a standard CRGO Transformer.

Please click the link for more information on  Bowers Transformer Losses.

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