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Replace your old transformers for free with IETF Grant

Replace your old transformers for free with IEFT Grant.


Are you aware that the UK Government have a IETF grant program running now in the aims of supporting the onsite deployment of technologies that improve the energy efficiency of industrial processes?

You could be awarded a grant which funds the replacement of your old transformers with a new Tier 2 transformer. Tier 2 transformers provide significant reductions in load losses when replacing a pre 2015 CRGO unit, thus making them more energy efficient. You can find out more about the losses of the Bowers Low Loss Transformers. This project could be the replacement of multiple old distribution transformers or a single old Power Transformer.

The grant is being run by the IETF is a Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) fund. Innovate UK is delivering part of this competition on behalf of BEIS, which is a joint sponsor. Following the assessment of applications, the awarding, contracting, and monitoring of projects will be delivered by BEIS.

Technical requirements:

-Business must fall under manufacturing SIC 10 to 33 or data centres SIC 63.

-Be register in England, Wales, or Northern Ireland (with the project sites being based in those too)

-Minimum project funding of £100,000

-Project must be started by 1st January 2023, and end by 31st December 2024.


Deadline for application is 14th July.

More info can be found on the website under “IETF deployment of energy efficiency technologies, Spring 2021”

Whilst Bowers can’t apply on your behalf, we can provide you technical support, design work and equipment.

If you would like some assistance in your application, our sales engineers would be happy to help. You can email your enquiries to: or phone us on 01773 531531.