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Bowers Electricals are proud to be part of the region’s largest EV Charging hub based in York!

Bowers Electricals are proud to be part of the largest EV charging hub based in the North of England!


Monks Cross Park & Ride Electric Vehicles (EV) charging hub in York is set to be finished and in use by July 2021. It will include rapid charges, a solar canopy, and battery storage. All in a bid to reduce carbon emissions, improve local air quality and accommodate the UK’s rise in electric cars. 507,000 pure electric and hybrids cars on the roads to date!


Monk's Cross Mock Up of the new EV charging hubs. A new modern day petrol station.

Concept art of the Monk’s Cross Hyperhubs, image by EvoEnergy.


This follows an announcement by the government to stop selling new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030 and hybrids by 2035. Two Hyperhubs sites are being built in York – one at Monk’s Cross Park & Ride and a second at Poppleton Bar Park & Ride to help this movement. Containing 4 Ultra-Rapid (150kW) and 4 Rapid (50kW) chargers both sites support the modern EV’s with larger battery capacities.

How did Bowers help?

Working with Evo Energy, who are leading the project, Bowers installed a 1500kVA, 11000/415V, Dyn11, KNAN, Tier 2 transformer in this custom pearl green colour. Associated with energy efficiency, the green coloured transformer compliments the move towards a green transport infrastructure!


Showing a Bowers 1500KV Transformer in a custom green colour, which will power the EV charging hubs.

Bowers 1500kVA Tier 2 Transformer in Custom Pearl Green colour and a Tesla battery, image by EvoEnergy.


Bowers are proud to be part of many renewable energy projects. Getting the UK’s EV framework ready for the future demand, is an important task. When companies work together to fight the issue of climate change amazing things can happen, as these sites show.


Collage of two different angles of the EV Charging transformer for EvoEnergy

Installation day for the Bowers Transformer, images by Bowers Site Engineer.

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