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Michael Bowers

We recently announced that Michael Bowers has now taken over from his father David Bowers as majority shareholder at Bowers Electricals. Michael also owns E.P.E.S and alongside Bowers Electricals they make up the Bowers Group of Companies.


David & Michael Bowers

We are fortunate that the family element to our business has never been negative. Just a father and son with the same goal to keep growing the business at a steady rate while exploring fresh opportunities as they arise.

At 79 years young David decided to stand aside and let Michael continue that goal, whilst moving forward working actively together for the benefit of all parties within the Bowers Group of Companies.

Although David has handed the reins over to his son he remains very much a part of the company. He still enjoys coming into the office to inspire the workforce and assist Michael with any support he requires.

It sounds like a cliche but when we describe ourselves as a family business we don’t just mean those with the Bowers surname. Therefore we aim to maintain the same values we have held since our beginnings four generations ago when we started as an electric motor and transformer rewinding business.

We look forward to bringing you the latest news on all the Bowers Group of Companies.